SCULPTING is a process of consciousness and realization. My sculpting process originates with an idea, an inner form in need of becoming conscious. It is a breaking of the surface, like a tool carving the stone releasing form into physical matter. There are many aspects on which I rely. My schooling and training in all aspects apply, but on a much deeper level I concentrate on the intuition of my heart and the sensibility of imagination. My philosophy is that sculpture is forming within my inner world. Each stroke of the hammer on the stone brings me closer to the emerging form. As I move into the stone  intuition acts as a guide to bring my work into consciousness. On another level, this creative process offers interactions of the unconscious with consciousness, healing the self and the collective while serving as a reminder of health and wholeness. I am an admirer of Dr. Carl Jung. I have studied and deeply value his work. My sculptures integrate ideas and philosophies of the feminine. This unique sculpting process has been deeply satisfying to my soul. My art is co-creation, imagination and liberation of inner form and psychology based upon the principles of sacred imagination.


WILLIAM BLAKE said, “to the imagination, the sacred is self-evident.”




++ David Lee Baughan